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Good health care is out of reach to a staggering number of people everywhere. Hospitals are at the centre of any community, offering care and relief even under the hardest circumstances.
We feel it is essential to support hospitals, doctors and personnel in any way we can, whether in Greece or elsewhere.


Health and Community Support - boy in hospital bed

The recent pandemic has reminded us how much we all depend on our healthcare system. We have been  supporting the paediatric ward of Crete’s University hospital, one of the top facilities in Greece serving thousands of patients every year. Through the years we were able to donate medical equipment, TV sets and much more. Thanks to our donors, we were recently able to supply items requested by the nurses and the doctors, such as a new computer for the doctor’s office and entertainment for the younger long term patients.


Health and Community Support - Syria

There are three Christian hospitals in Syria, two in Damascus and one in Aleppo, active since the 1930s and open to everyone regardless of their religion. They operate in very difficult circumstances and their activities are further limited by severe international sanctions that prevent them from updating their equipment and basic supplies. In addition to caring for the sick and injured, they run programs of support , providing, for example, formula milk and baby diapers. Together with our partners, we assist by sending funds for specific projects.

Our Community

Crete for Life - Health and Community

Greece’s long economic depression has pushed many families to the brink of poverty. After years of decline, the economy is slowly growing but unemployment is still one of the highest in Europe. We have been helping, by providing clothes, food and toiletries to families in need. Covering travel expenses to enable children to follow therapies in other parts of the country and buying corrective glasses. We have distributed school kits and organized school tuition and sport support through the years.

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