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Crete for Life - teaching a group ofyoung refugees

In addition to the summer camps, Crete for Life is committed to helping people who are victims of the unprecedented migration crisis. A huge number of refugees and economic migrants still enter Greece every day. For most of them, their priority is to support their families, whether they are together or in their native countries.

Many of the refugees and migrants suffer from mental problems and chronic illnesses, exacerbated by their travels and extreme living conditions. With no work and unable to speak the local language, they rely on outside help and first aid.

Since 2013, Crete for Life has distributed essential aid, such as food, clothing, toiletries, medicine and medical treatments, psychological professional support as well as legal aid, focusing on children, minors and those who are most vulnerable. More recently, through our partners, we were able to offer support not only in the local community but also in mainland Greece and elsewhere.

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