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These past decades have seen an increase of conflicts in countries close by, creating massive conflict-induced migration and forced displacement, resulting in thousands of displaced children. All this has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and an urgent need for humanitarian aid on many fronts.

Many refugees and economic migrants enter Greece every day. For most of them, their priority is to support their extended families, whether they are travelling together or back in their own native countries. Refugees and migrants often suffer from mental problems and chronic illnesses, exacerbated by their dangerous and costly travels and extreme living conditions. With no work and unable to speak the local language, they must rely on outside help.

Crete For Life is helping families and individuals find long term housing and work situations that bring them independence. We distribute essential aid, such as food, clothing, toiletries, as well as support with legal aid. In all contests, child protection and children’s rights are our priorities.

Crete for Life - Health and Community

Health and Community Support - boy in hospital bed

Good health care is out of reach to a staggering number of people everywhere. As we have seen during the recent Pandemic, hospitals are at the centre of any community, offering care and relief even under the hardest circumstances.

Ensuring healthcare access for marginalized children, like those living in poverty or fleeing conflict, makes a significant difference in their future. The UN and WHO highlight that healthcare lays the foundation for children’s growth and development, both physically and mentally. Children with regular access to medical care have better overall health, improved educational outcomes, and higher productivity. For refugees, and Internally displaced children, healthcare helps provide emotional stability and reduces the risk of diseases spreading in cramped living conditions. Hence, healthcare is vital not just for their survival, but for their future.

  • We partner with local clinics and hospitals to provide reduced-cost or even free services for the children you’re helping.
  • We connect with medical professionals who are willing to donate their time and expertise. They can provide check-ups, treatments, and advice to the children in your care.
  • We collaborate with other charities: team up with other organizations that share our goals. By pooling resources and knowledge, we can create a more significant impact.
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