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How Your Support Helps

Impact 1

Making a positive impact is helping a child living in difficult circumstances and coping with serious diseases, to develop confidence, realize infinite possibilities and collect happy memories. Through our programs, the children have:

  • Greatly improved their physical health and strengthened their immune system, resulting in a long-lasting improvement of their general health.
  • Received a psychological boost: parents and caregivers reported changes in their children on a number of positive attributes, including increased interest in social activities, confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.
  • Made friends, from their group and with local children with whom various activities are shared, creating new and often lasting connections.
  • Improved their attitude and behaviour: every activity is a personal challenge, inclusive, constructive and without elements of competition.
  • Learned new life skills, seen many beautiful locations, experienced Crete’s unspoiled nature and have become more adaptable.

Impact 2

The impact is not just the number of children helped, shoes distributed or how your donations are spent; it is to do with how lives are improved. This might not be immediately evident: sometimes the positive effect can only be perceived after a long time.

In fact, many of the children and young people we help have complex and challenging needs.

We tailor our support to each individual child, aiming to meet his or her needs. We work closely with the child and his/her immediate family or guardian as well as professionals such as teachers, doctors and social workers.

Measuring our impact is essential as it informs our partners and donors about the effectiveness of our programs, not only to show value for money but more importantly, to be accountable. It also helps us to know what works well so we can use that evidence to improve our services.

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