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Children are the main victims of war, and of natural and man-made disasters.
Through local, practical projects we strive to make an immediate but lasting impact on their lives.

Crete for Life - Mission and Impact

Most of the children and young people we support have complex and challenging needs.

We tailor our support to each individual child, aiming to meet his or her specific needs by working closely with the child and his/her immediate family or guardian, as well as professionals such as teachers, doctors and social workers.

Measuring our impact is essential as it informs our partners and donors about the effectiveness of our programs, not only to be transparent but more importantly, to be accountable. It also helps us understand what works well so we can use what we learn to make our services even better.

On average, 90% of our income goes directly to the children we help. Our accounts are certified by independent auditors and are available on request.

Who benefits from our programs?


The problem

In addition to poverty, many children are growing up with consequnce of man-made disasters (the Chernobyl Catastrophe) or congenital and chronic deseases.

Our solution

At our summer camp, the children hosted had a chance to improve their physical health during a crucial period for the development of their immune system. Particularly children living in damaged environments (Chernobyl affected areas of Belarus), in social poverty or coping with chronic illnesses (eg.respiratory conditions like cystic fibrosis).

Their mental condition  also received a psychological boost reporting  positive changes in children’s behavior, including increased interest in social activities, confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.

Since 2006 over two hundred children and teenagers  from the Chernobyl affected areas of Belarus, Palestine territories, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Greece, have taken part to Crete For Life’s restorative camps.

Impact 1

Crete For Life - Education for refugees


The problem

1 in 5 children worldwide faces conflict or displacement today, more at risk of harm than any time in the past 20 years. Crete For Life’s emergency program is active with children and the most vulnerable

Our solution

20 displaced families have moved into suitable accomodations, their rent covered for one year, to start an easuer life

100 families in need with numerous children can supplement their nutrition thanks to food baskets

Over 300 kg imperfect tomatos were rescued from polluting the local environment and distributed to soup kitchens

One of the issues we often see is that displaced children have unsuitable or damaged shoes.  Every year we distribute hundreds of new or as new shoes to children

Over 250 children have suitable shoes and winter clothes and are protected from illness and accidents, free to go to school and play with their friends.


The problem

This year, 1 out of every 8 children around the world won’t start school. But education is the key to the future for those affected by years of hardship and trauma.

Our solution

There is strong evidence that quality education can equip the children and youth with the skills, abilities and opportunities necessary to break free from poverty and put them on track to a better future.

  • We aim to support girls in going to school because they are often forced into early marriages to relieve their parents from the burden of care.
  • Schools are safe places for reopening the dialogue interrupted by war and violence.
  • The opportunity to study can be a motivation not to emigrate abroad.
  • The danger of indoctrination to the less educated is still very real in society.
  • Only the opportunity to study can bring peace and a brighter future.

50 students in Aleppo have scholarships to complete their studies and more students in Greece now have support with tutoring, computer  and language courses and other necessities like internet data, uniforms, shoes and books.


You can read what it means to be part of Crete For Life’s projects mean in their own words here.

Crete For Life - Top-Rated Non-Profit

Measuring our impact is essential as it informs our partners and donors about the effectiveness of our programs, not only to show value for money but more importantly, to be accountable. It also helps us to know what works well so we can use that evidence to improve our services.

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