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Crete for Life - kids painting

Crete For Life is financed by

  • Private individuals
  • Foundations
  • Local sponsors
  • Fundraising

Everybody involved in Crete For Life does so voluntarily and without any compensation, together with people and businesses that offer goods and services free of charge.

We believe we have a duty to everyone who supports Crete For Life projects and we realize it is much easier to ask people to donate if they know it’s not going to be used to pay salaries, fancy fundraising events, marketing and advertising bills. This is especially true in times of hardship and uncertainty as the current one.

When fundraising, we try as much as possible not to use our finances. and many of our expenses are met by sponsors.

We have low administration costs because we are helped by professionals who provide administration and accountancy services at little or no cost. In addition to cash contributions, Crete For Life accepts gifts-in-kind typically in the form of food commodities, clothing for babies and children, toys, etc.

Thank you to all our supporters. Your confidence and trust in our work drive us to continue our work in reaching out and supporting our most vulnerable children and young adults.

Annual Reports and Accounts

Our accounts are independently certified even though this is not required by law.

Crete for Life - Annual Report 2023

Crete for Life - Annual Report 2022

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

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