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Our organization was started by the desire to share the healing beauties of Crete with children who are having a difficult start in life.

Why Crete?

Our Organization - Crete for Life

Crete occupies a unique geographic location, at a meeting point of three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Its climate, its famous, healthy diet, its nature and the hospitality and generosity of its people make it a unique setting for a charity of this kind.

In today’s world, many children live without opportunities to play, to learn, to be children. Wherever they come from, whatever their background, we believe that children need these opportunities if they are to develop the skills and qualities essential for their adult life.

Crete for Life runs practical projects to support children and young adults made vulnerable by war, illness, abuse and social or economic poverty and exclusion.

Crete For Life is, in fact, two charities, one Greek and the other Italian, who share the same visions and aims and cooperate with each other to reach out to as many disadvantaged children and young adults as possible.

“CRETE FOR LIFE- Η ΚΡΗΤΗ ΔΙΝΕΙ ΖΩΗ” is a charity registered in Greece since 2005 (Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Registration n. 2053 831/3633/1076/2005 / Tax N. 998863312)


“CRETE FOR LIFE – ITALIA” is a charity registered in Italy since 2006 as a ODV-organizzazione di volontariato (Prt. 18629, Rome 9/3/2006 n. 2216 serie 3 / Codice Fiscale 97412130581


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