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two girls queuing in a school in Aleppo, Syria

Another difficult winter for the children of Aleppo

At dawn on February 6th, a terrible earthquake struck Aleppo, a terrible earthquake that left behind a lot of devastation, destruction, and homeless people. The earthquake struck a city that was essentially a city exhausted by 12 years of brutal war. The earthquake destroyed 50% of the city’s infrastructure, creating devastating economical, humanitarian, and social tragedies. Immediately, rescue and civil defense teams, government agencies, and local organizations began providing emergency responses to the afflicted. And most of the aid focused on food, drink, winter blankets, and clothes. But what about shelter?

Here, my friends and I decided to participate in the response by offering something different and important at the same time, which is helping those affected to find new homes for rent and pay the rent for a year. I started communicating with my friends abroad, who showed great interest in the idea because it was a basic need as well as most of the local organizations and associations focused only on food and clothing.

 After two months of hard work, housing was secured for approximately 100 families. 

In June, I contacted one of the charities in the city of As-Suwayda, who told me that there were more than 150 Aleppo families displaced to As-Suwayda after the earthquake, and most of them were in a difficult economic situation. After communicating with the “Crete for Life” organization, cash amounts were provided to many of them as small aid before Eid. Al-Adha

And now, nine months after the earthquake, the economic situation has worsened after the gradual collapse of the currency, which has increased the rate of famine and poverty in the city of Aleppo.

Because we are on the cusp of a harsh and severe winter, work is currently underway to collect donations to provide winter coats for children because most families cannot buy at least one coat due to the 100% rise in clothing prices compared to last year. Your simple help means a lot to these children and to us.

From Abdullah Zeinabdin, Aleppo

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