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South-east Crete is one of Greece’s main areas of agricultural production.  However, every year tons and tons of tomatoes and other vegetables are thrown away just because they are the wrong size or shape for commercial distribution.  Farmers hate to throw away their produce after all their hard work simply because fruits and vegetables are not perfect.

Yet, around us, every day families and children are going hungry and cannot afford to buy fresh produce. Thanks to the generosity of many local businesses, Crete for Life distributes tons of freshly picked vegetables to local families, to other charities in Crete, Athens and to other parts of mainland Greece.

Together with the Greek charity Pampiraiki in Athens, we have distributed fresh vegetables to refugee camps, social kitchens, schools and hospitals

With your help, we can do so much more!

The Environment

Always aware that the health and beauty of our environment is an integral part of the success of our Summer Camp, we launched a drive to start making this a public statement by encouraging our hosted children to pick up rubbish along the beaches wherever they were, which they responded to with great enthusiasm. Respecting and protecting the environment are cardinal points in all our programs

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