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Children are the main victims of war, and of natural and man-made disasters.

Through local, practical projects we strive to make an immediate but lasting impact on their lives.




We welcome children coping with poverty, war, violence and life-threatening diseases to a restorative, free-of-charge residential summer camp by the Cretan Sea, to help improve their health and spirit, experience fun and friendship and gain confidence and hope.


In addition to the summer camps, Crete For Life is committed to helping people who are victims of crisis. Food distribution is one of our focuses, together with assistance in receiving healthcare when needed.


We believe that education is a fundamental right for all children, and it is the best investment for our commun future.  We offer scholarships and support to help children facing difficult circumstances achieve their academic goals and build a brighter future for themselves, their families and communities.


Climate change threatens 1 billion children worldwide, prompting efforts to raise awareness and protect our environment. All our programs encourage children and adults in activities that respect our environment. Moreover, tons of imperfect produce are rescued from waste in Crete and distributed to hungry families and charities.


two girls queuing in a school in Aleppo, Syria

Another difficult winter for the children of Aleppo

At dawn on February 6th, a terrible earthquake struck Aleppo, a terrible earthquake that left behind a lot of devastation,…

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Crete for Life - who we help - children from Belarus


We support children and young adults who are vulnerable such as children with chronic diseases, disabilities, refugees, victims of violence, children in extreme poverty and in emergencies.

Today, around 1 in 5 children experience war and conflict and may lose their home, school, meals, safety, parents, friends. We want to be there for them.

We don’t have all the answers, but we engage with people (beneficiaries, local partners, volunteers, and supporters) to find solutions together.

Results - on the beach in Crete


Over 200 disadvantaged children have been hosted in Crete’s restorative camps.

Recently we have provided:

  • 50 scholarships for students
  • 20 families with accommodation
  • Over 100 families with food baskets
  • 300 kg tomato to soup kitchens
  • Over 200 children with shoes and winter clothes



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Volunteers are the core of everything we do


Leontine, Holland

My experience at the charity summer camp in Crete was truly special. I had the opportunity to connect with children from different backgrounds and cultures through art. It was incredibly fulfilling to see the campers grow and learn throughout the program. The dedication and passion of the staff and volunteers created a warm and welcoming environment. I feel grateful to have been a part of this camp and will cherish the memories and connections I made.

Francesca, Germany

Crete For Life brings together. people from all walks of life and nationalities, who all have one thing in common, and that is to help with making the recuperative holiday of the children from Belarus and elsewhere as enjoyable and memorable as possible.  Crete For Life offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all the young children in their care during their stay in Crete. Making friendships that last a lifetime.

Margaret, UK

I feel really honoured to be a volunteer with Crete For Life.  I see first-hand how these recuperative breaks impact the lives of the children. They arrive uncertain and reserved.  They spend a month getting involved in team building games, singing, dancing, learning to swim. They love the sun, the fun and the healthy Cretan food.  They leave carefree, happy and make life long friends in the process.

Luigi and Iacopo, Italy

This summer we jumped at the chance of volunteering for three weeks on the island of Crete, hosting a group of children with serious health problems. We were very curious and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Our main occupation was to help the children to gain confidence with the sea and swimming, in fact almost all of them have never seen the sea before!


K and R

K. and R., Syria

K. and R. are two 16-year-old girls and both left Syria, their school, friends and extended families 4 years ago, running away from the war and their Isis-ruled village. Crete reminded them of their previous lives where they would be out with friends, eating ice cream. While they were in Ierapetra, they also learned to swim.

M., Belarus

M., who is an 11-year-old-boy from Belarus, has gone through excruciatingly painful surgery with the aim of extending his height a little. At first, he was very shy and kept by himself, but thanks to the inclusive, fun atmosphere he found in Crete, he started to play and swim and he never missed a game.

S. Greece - Volunteer

S., Greece

Despite a complex family situation, S. stood out as the group’s source of humor, mischief, and kindness. During his time in Crete, he ensured that everyone felt involved in the activities, using laughter and smiles as a main form of communication.

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