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Illiteracy affects over 50% of the Syrian population, as millions of children and young adults have totally or partially missed out on education during a decade of war, international sanctions, and the recent pandemic. Even if public education is free, it is out of reach for many.

Through your support, we can bring hope to the children of Aleppo.

We are looking for people like you who can sponsor one of 100 disadvantaged girls and boys in Aleppo, covering the costs of transportation, books, stationery and materials, support lessons, and exam taxes that can be insurmountable obstacles to many families. Aleppo For Life together with the Blue Maristes, a group of volunteers active in Aleppo for decades, focus on providing literacy and quality education for at-risk young people attending state schools, vocational or university courses. They are funded and mentored to ensure school retention, literacy and future livelihood.

Education is the key to the future for those affected by years of hardship and trauma. Schools are safe places for reopening the dialogue interrupted by war. The opportunity to study can be a motivation not to emigrate abroad. The danger of indoctrination to the less educated is still very real in society. Young girls and boys can equally hope for a better future that includes digital literacy and foreign languages. Only the opportunity to study can bring peace and a brighter future.

How you can sponsor the education of a student in Aleppo

A monthly donation of €10

pays for the transport between home and school for a child for one month.

A monthly donation of €23

pays for literacy lessons for one child.

A monthly donation of €48

provides a scholarship for a university student allowing him/her to complete their degree.

A monthly donation of €77

allows 2 students to gain digital literacy giving him/her opportunities for future employment.

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