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Refugee children playing in Crete

The Refugee Crisis in Crete

The refugee crisis has been ongoing on many Greek islands. The Covid-19 pandemic, global warming and the recent upheaval in Afghanistan are driving even more refugees and asylum seekers to Greece and the EU. Recent changes in the Greek immigration policies fail to provide satisfactory for even the most basic needs of food, housing and integration, through projects financed by the European Union. Failures to establish  coherent and humane refugee policies in Greece and in the EU has resulted in many languishing in appalling conditions, lacking even the basic support and protection owed to them.

Crete For Life wants to bring relief to fellow humans, ensuring that especially children and those most vulnerable have access to their basic rights, to education and have the chance to a better life.

Over the past year:

  • 29% of Crete For Life’s income has gone in support of refugees and immigrants
  •  30 families in need were distributed monthly food packages and over 7000 kg of donated vegetables 
  • 14 individuals and families were successfully supported  with legal and medical assistance
  • 28 children were following Greek language lessons online

In Crete, there are currently around 200 families that are lacking basic needs of food, and many more are expected to be relocated on the island from Athens and the islands at the end of 2021. Crete For Life hopes to reach most, or at least those who are most at risk.

Our project has been ongoing,  with small adjustments, since 2013. In the past, even with limited funds, Crete For Life has achieved positive impact through small practical steps.

Many day summer camps were organized throughout the summer of 2021 too. Such was the case on the 22nd of July, when we organized a one day camp to lighten up the day of the children from the refugee families sheltered in Sitia. Even small deeds have an impact but there is more to do! 

Help us spread love and support to these families and children in need by donating on our home page

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