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Two men carrying a child after the 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Now is the time to help all Syrians.

Over a decade of war and destruction, paralysing international sanctions, the debilitating Covid-19 pandemic and a massive earthquake have left millions of people in Syria out in the snow, homeless and with nowhere to turn to. Regardless of political beliefs, religious creeds, and polarising divisions, now is the time to help these people who have lost everything and have been living from one trauma to another tragedy.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck southern Turkey and northern Syria. In Syria, the areas affected are those administered by the government, including Aleppo, and the Idlib province, considered the last opposition stronghold in Syria. Aleppo, one of Syria’s largest city, has circa 1.2 millions inhabitants. Of the 4.6 million people living in the Idlib area, over 3 million are displaced by the war. People have been living either in camps, tents or buildings damaged by the war and years of neglect. Travelling between the two parts of the country is both forbidden and dangerous. Years of civil war have divided the country, now is the time to help everyone. #NowIsTheTimeToHelpAllSyrians

There is an immediate need for fuel for medical vehicles and facilities, tents, blankets, mattresses, tarpaulins, heaters, food, water, medical supplies, and much more to prevent as much suffering as possible. Your donations can help save as many lives as possible. The low winter temperature adds misery to a catastrophic situation. Our partners, the voluntary Blu Marists group in Aleppo, have been active since the beginning of the war and have always helped and supported anyone in need.

Muslim or Christian, pro or against Assad, now is not the time for more divisive political theories and explanations, now is the time to help all the Syrian people. Time to insure that international help reaches everyone and it is distributed fairly. It is time to start the process of reconciliation and support children and young people in Syria to have a future. It is time for the international community to  stop hiding behind empty propaganda and start to hear and consider all Syrian voices, especially those who have never left the country. Now is the time to help Syria. Time to stop considering sanctions as an effective weapon that protects civilians. Before this earthquake, 15.3 millions Syrians depended on food aid, what now?  there is no economy, no work and no reconstruction because the US and Europe refuse to invest in the country as long as the present regime does not reform.  Because of the international sanctions there are not enough medicines, or petrol, or imports, or essential goods. The time to help Syria is now.

People don’t know what to do, or where to go to be safe. They need anything, from clothing to food to accommodation. Before the earthquake, 86% of Syrian lived below the poverty line. This country has already suffered a lot because of the war and today, again, feels punished by the earthquake. The end of the cruel international sanctions would open up Syria to its future reconstruction. Now it needs your help and your donations to survive yet another tragedy.

To Donate to help all the Syrians

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